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                  TRAVEL BUBBLES: THE GRAND



                  BY: DANIA HARIS

                                                                                       On the 16th of September, Langkawi opened its
                                                                                       doors to become one of the first tourist hotspots

                                                                                       for the Malaysian government’s tourism pilot
                                                                                       project. One week before that, news of 5-star

                                                                                       hotels in Langkawi were fully booked. People
                                                                                       flocked over to social media to express their

 COVER STORY                                                                           opinions; Some were excited, others were
                                                                                       skeptical, the 3,000 people who flew to Langkawi
                                                                                       thought otherwise.

                                                                                       The erratic announcements of various lockdowns,
                                                                                       new Standard of Procedures (SOPs), and now,

                                                                                       Recovery Phases by state has certainly put the
                                                                                       people on edge and the sudden announcement
                                                                                       on Langkawi opening its gates was certainly a

                                                                                       surprise. The majority view of this decision was
                                                                                       indeed against the notion due to the current
                                                                                       COVID-19 infections per day which were tolling

                                                                                       towards 20,000 cases. Was this a hasty decision
 Photo by Filip Kominik on Unsplash                                                    with tourism initiatives of course the people
                                                                                       on the government’s end? Being out of the loop

                                                                                       would think so.

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