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From February 2020, all tourist               followed suit. Included in these               presented is certainly helpful                                               Langkawi, the Tropical Gem                    tourist operators mere weeks                   revival of the tourism economy.
                  operators and organisations                   programs is the well-known                     and a motivational hashtag,                                                  of Malaysia is a popular tourist              to prepare themselves and                      As long as the public are fully

                  working in the tourism industry               “Buy Now Travel Later” scheme                  #JagaSarawakIntuSarawak was                                                  hotspot particularly for beach                fine-tuning their SOPs as the                  vaccinated, screening tests and
                  were thrown into a precarious                 in an effort for tourist operators             included.                                                                    goers. The abundance of                       expected entry date is set to 1st              preparation of documents are
                  position as their main source                 to earn some form of income.                                                                                                islands, the turquoise-coloured               of October.                                    done beforehand and of course,

                  of income were indefinitely cut                                                              The creation and eventual                                                    ocean and white sandy beaches                                                                following the SOPs in place, it
                  out. State Tourisms recognised                Easing of the lockdowns meant                  announcement of these                                                        has become a much-needed                      The Grand Anticipation of any                  should be a smooth ride from
                  the issue at hand, threw out                  tourism bodies were ready to                   roadmaps were certainly                                                      break from the concrete                       semblance of normalcy through  now on.

                  their planned calendar of                     draw up a plan to reopen the                   dependent on the vaccination                                                 scenery. One of the main forms                travel will certainly aid in the
                  events and focused on the                     tourism economy. As of 2021,                   rates. As vaccines rates                                                     of transport to Langkawi is by

                  digital sphere. Since then,                   Recovery Roadmaps were                         increased nationwide, the                                                    air travel. For those who have
                  digital initiatives were being                reported by media sources,                     confidence level on the idea                                                 been following the news, the
                  churned out, one after another.               citing that various State                      of a herd immunity also sky-                                                 last-minute announcement

                  With various online campaigns                 Tourism are now “reconnecting                  rocketed. With the idea that                                                 for a screening test to be done
                  and competitions as alternate                 with its local tourist operators               the majority of the population                                               before onboarding the flight

                  initiatives to stay productive                as vaccination rates are now                   becomes immune to the virus                                                  was a much-needed method to
                  and relevant, it’s one of the few             ramping up”. For example,                      (hence a herd immunity), travel                                              avoid another cluster outbreak.
                  methods to take advantage of                  a news piece on Sabah’s                        bubbles sprung up.                                                           Despite the people’s dismay,

                  by using online platforms.                    reopening of its roadmaps has                                                                                               on the 16th of September 3
                                                                shown “seamless tour packages                                                                                               COVID-positive tourists were
                  At one point Malaysia did                     from one point to another is                                                                                                detected at the Kuala Lumpur

                  reach 0 local cases. Youtube                  in the works”, in addition to                                                                                               International Airport.
                  videos and inspirational posts                a COVID-19 Insurance plan
                  of Malaysia’s achievements                    proposed with it.                                                                                                           The decision made despite the

                  popped up, positioning                                                                                                                                                    hasty announcement was met
                  Malaysia as one of the top                    At the same time, it’s neighbour                                                                                            with approval once news sites

                  countries in combatting the                   Sarawak also released a                                                                                                     started reporting the results.
                  pandemic. Around this time,                   ‘Roadmap to Recovery’ broken                                                                                                Not long after, the government
                  the digital life became the                   down into 4 Phases as a SOP                                                                                                 announced Tioman Island,

                  norm with notable programs                    guideline for Sarawakians. A                                                                                                Malacca, and Genting
                  focusing on domestic tourism                  series of seven infographics                                                                                                Highlands were shortlisted

                  such as Tourism Productivity                  were released depicting                                                                                                     to be a part of the travel
                  Nexus’ (TPN) Malaysia Virtual                 various categories and what                                                                                                 bubble program. Should these
                  Experience (MyVXp) and several  the people are allowed to                                                                                                                 tourist hotspots be approved,

                  other virtual tour initiatives                do. The standardised info                                                                                                   this has unfortunately given

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